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Website Update In Progress

The update to The Dive Place site is almost complete. You may have noticed to new color scheme. After 9 year (wow how time flies) we decided it was time for a new look and some changes.

Our crack IT Team have been using g the latest tools to get the changes underway without as little or any disruption.

Over the next week we will be adding to the On-Line Store existing products we have as well as introducing new items to our catalogue.

These are exciting times as we grow.

For those who are not familiar with us we will be expanding into the space next door. Demolition will begin in mid December on removing the wall between the 2 stores. Then during January we will start the next phase of the build out of the additional space.

We are also introducing The Dive Place Adventures. A area of the business that will handle trips, excursions and travel.

Chance and Walter are already planning what will be an exciting long weekend to Puerto Rico for early 2024. Walters knowledge of Puerto Rico ensures a trip to remember!

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