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We Went - We Saw - We Mingled And We Purchased

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

DEMA (the Dive Industry Trade Show) was very interesting this year. Exhausting but interesting. We met with quite a few vendors and not only looked at new and exciting products but some products that will be returning to The Dive Place in the very near future.

In addition to the products that we ordered for The Dive Place Winter Garden Store that will arrive in next couple of weeks, we spent time with various travel organizations to finalize details of out up coming The Dive Place Getaways. So here is some of the highlights.

We decided on the Bare Trilam Tech Dry - Drysuits for our rental suit. These tough and durable Drysuits will be perfect not only for those looking to obtain the required SDI Drysuit certification prior to the Silfra Iceland Adventure but those looking for a warmer alternative during the cooler winter months.

The Poseidon One Show and the Trident Fins are on their way. Not only does the One Shoe look cool, they are the perfect fit with the way they mould to the shape of your foot.

These amazing boots and fins will be available in the store by the end of November.

After a long discussion with Jeff the Sales Manager for GoPro we are pleased to announce that GoPro will be returning to The Dive Place Winter Garden.

The new Hero 8 GoPro is by far the most advanced GoPro to date. It's truly amazing "Stabilization 2", it's new features and accessories make the GoPro Hero 8 a must have! Look for the Hero 8 in the store in the coming weeks.

The first of the Hollis Prism2 CCR is in the store. We have now ordered 3 more units for sales, training and rental. Now with rear mounted counter lungs these incredible machines take diving to the next level. Whether it be recreational diving or technical diving the Hollis Prism2 is a step above the rest.

In addition to the actual Prism2's we have secured supplies and carry in store supplies of consumables such as Sorb, Lube and parts for the Prism2's making The Dive Place your one stop for the Prism2's.

We initiated some additional goodies and travel opportunities for both Winter Garden and the 2020 Leesburg store.

The Dive Place Leesburg is on schedule for our projected 2020 target date.

Early 2020 we will make the full official announcement as to it's opening date.

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