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They Are On The Way!

The new Atomic BC-2 back inflate BC is on the way. They are expected to ship from the manufacturer in the next few days. We are excited to have them in the store. We have already pre-sold several of them.

In addition to having these incredible next generation BC's for sale we are adding them to our Premium BC Rentals as well.

So you will be able to rent and try the Atomic BC-2 before purchasing one. We do warn you that once you try it you will definitely want it!

The BC2 is the back inflation evolution of the acclaimed Atomic BC series. The Atomic BC2 incorporates the same futuristic, incredibly tough, corrosion-resistant materials as the jacket-style BC1. A result of the Atomic “design studio” approach, the BC2 is a radical design departure from conventional back inflation BCs and is the TOUGHEST BACK INFLATION BC in the world.

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