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It's Alive! It's Alive!

Phase 1 of the new web site is up online. It's been a some long hours but it will be well worth it! So why the changes? As they say a change is as good as a holiday. It was time to spruce up the site and make it fresh again.

Phase 1 was rebuilding the site on a new platform. Until now we had been using Adobe Muse. It did everything we wanted it to do. Unfortunately Adobe decided to abandon Muse and it came to "End Of Life" with no further support. With new OS update and no support for Muse problems were happening.

The new site was rebuilt from scratch. This has allowed us to start to ad new features such as this Blog and expanded Photo and Video Galleries. Some pages are still to be added such as some of the Scuba Classes and Dive Adventure Pages.

Phase 2 will be adding addition pages that we deduced to put on hold for the launch.

Phase 3 - this is exciting - will be the addition of several new features. The Dive Place TV, Chat, On-Line Shopping and a Members Area where you can join and create discussions and ask question.

Ahh exciting time for The Dive Place! Welcome to 2.0.

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