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GoBe Lights - Versatile Innovation!

Light & Motion’s GoBe lights are extremely versatile and affordable. These light weight lights are perfect underwater lights.

The fact that you can change lightheads (above water) makes it a great light for newer divers/photographers who will slowly add more heads and also for more seasoned divers/photographers wanting light for a specific application.

Offering a wide range of various easy to change lightheads gives the GoBe bodies ultimate in versatility transforming it to adapt to various lighting conditions. The lightheads come a variety of spot and wide angle light ranging from 20 to 60 degrees.

The Nightsea Lighthead transforms the GoBe to experience the fluorescence of plants, underwater and terrestrial critters and minerals.

The Red Spot Lighthead is perfect for observing shy critters underwater or preserving night vision topside.

Stop by The Dive Place and let us introduce you to the world of Light & Motion GoBe lights that will make it the adventure of a lifetime!

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