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Notch It Up - Become A Course DIRECTOR


Now that you have been enjoying life as a Open Water Scuba Instructor for a while teaching Open Water Classes, Continued Education and Divemaster classes it's time to notch it up to the next level.


Take your professional abilities and passion for Scuba Diving Training to the whole new level of experience and understanding.


 As a SDI Course Director you will b be able to share that passion with Scuba Divers and participate in training

Open Water Instructors.

The SDI Course Director Course is the first module of SDI’s Instructor Trainer (IT) Development Program.


The Course Director program trains candidates to plan, conduct and understand the SDI Instructor Development Course (IDC) independently.


In addition, SDI Course Directors are qualified to conduct the SDI Non-Diving Specialty Instructor Course and specialty ratings for SDI Instructors and Assistant Instructors.


What Will You LEARN?

During this intense course many Course Director candidates will be participating in a wide range of topics. These topics are covered in depth to ensure the candidate’s comprehension and ability to convey them to their Instructor candidates.

  • How to use the SDI IT Manual

  • Being a professional Instructor Trainer

  • What it means to be a SDI/TDI/ERDI Instructor

  • Dive leader risk management

  • Methods of instruction

  • The business of diving

  • Instructor evaluation process

  • How to teach diving physics

  • How to teach diving physiology

  • Courses an SDI Instructor can teach

  • Teaching the Rescue Instructor course

  • Teaching the Divemaster courses

  • Teaching Specialty Instructor courses

  • Marketing SDI Instructor courses

  • Conducting instructor in-water sessions

    • Demonstration of open water scuba diver waterman-ship requirements and skills

    • How to teach skills in pool/confined water

  • Preparation, planning, presentation

  • Non-diving specialty instructor program

  • Conducting the SDI Instructor crossover program

  • Knowledge quests and examinations


The SDI Course Director candidates have a high level of expectation of what is required of them.

Coupled with the academic sections and requirements of the corse are practical sessions with stringent requirements.


Some of the skills that each Course Director candidate will be expected to demonstrate are:

  • Perform, to demonstration quality, one complete rescue scenario

  • Perform a 10 minute survival-float or tread, without the use of swimming aids

  • Complete a 400 metre swim on the surface, non-stop, any stroke, without the use of swimming aids, in less than 10 minutes; swim goggles permitted

  • Complete a 800 metre swim with mask, snorkel, and fins non-stop without the use of arms in less than 17 minute

  • Bring a diver, simulating unconsciousness, up from depth, not greater than 6 metres/20 feet; at the surface swim them 100 metres in less than 4 minutes

  • Pool/confined water problem solving

  • Candidates must perform, to demonstration quality, all skills listed in the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course

  • One rescue demonstration

  • Open water problem solving

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning student coaching and evaluating

  • And more!


What Are The Course REQUIREMENTS?


Candidates need to be Certified Open Water Scuba Instructor for a minimum of 2 years with no Quality Assurance issues for the past 12 months.

In addition you must have issued a minimum of 150 SDI (or equivalent) diver certifications at various levels.


Suggested Certifications are:

  • 100 Open Water Divers

  • 25 Rescue Diver

  • 5 Divemaster or Assistant Instructor Diver

You also need to have:

  • Provide proof of current CPR, First Aid and Oxygen Provider.

  • Have a current Medical Examination for Scuba Diving signed by a licenses Physician.

  • Staff at least 1 Instructor Development Corse (IDC) prior to Course Director training.

In addition to all required Scuba Diving equipment, 

candidates will be required to purchase the Open Water Instructor Kit that contains the Open Water Instructor manual, required slates and eLearning code.

Why Choose US?

At The Dive Place we take diver education very seriously ensuring our Student Divers and Professional Candidates are receiving a complete education in a safe relaxed atmosphere. 

Benefits we offer are:

Flexible schedule -We can arrange your Divemaster Course based around your schedule. It can be scheduled at the Condensed 8-10 day program, a weekends only program to what days are available to you. 

We offer real world training where you will be working with Student Divers and Certified Divers under the direct supervision of our Instructors, Course Directors and Instructor Trainers.

Our Multi-Media based classroom offers a relaxed intuitive atmosphere. 

For our CD Candidates we offer the following items complimentary - Parking, WiFi, Drinks, Air and Nitrox Fills. Truly making your IDC a more relaxed hassle free experience so you can focus on your education.

This is what makes The Dive Place difference!


Are You Ready To START?


Though the Professional Divemaster program is intense and thorough, our Crew Members are here to help you through the process. To guide you through helpful feedback, coaching to make sure you are comfortable, and well prepared for the role of a Professional Divemaster. 


Professional courses are an investment of not only finance but time. Not everyone has the ability or desire to become a Professional Divemaster, but if you do, we are here to help you. 


Come into The Dive Place and meet our Crew members over a coffee where we will discuss your career and help you move in the direction you want to go.


Your decision is your future. We want you to be confident that you are in the best hands at this stage of your career.


Would you still like to know more? Simply contact us to learn more about our other Professional courses.


Let us show you The Dive Place difference!

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